Mark Allyn's Memoirs And Conversations About Life

My Memoirs Expressed In The Form Of Videos Taken From The Parks Of Bellingham, Washington
This is a rendering of my latest models of myself and Arthur Rosenau, standing in front of the Bellingham National Bank Building and the American Theatre on Cornwall Avenue in the 1950's.
Mark Allyn and Arthur Rosenau

Turning My Quest For A Lover To Treating Bellingham As My Lover
After Arthur died, I have come to find out that I could not find another partner. So, I made a change. Bellingham and our wonderful people are my lover!

Finding MCC in San Francisco
I think I found a home in San Francisco and I see Arthur for the first time. I will meet him later!

The Crossroads of My Life In San Francisco
Having been ostracized in San Francisco, where do I go now with my life?

Fantasy Of Hanging Out At MCC With Friends
This is a fantasy piece where I gather some important people in my life (both those whom I never met and those whom I met!

A Museum That Made Me Cry
I get kicked out of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy Of Sciences for asking questions

My Rejection and Ostercization From 1970's San Francisco Gay Community
My observations of myself being left in the outs with the San Francisco Gay Community at a time in the 1970's when I was hoping to find a home in San Francisco

My En Caul Birth And What It's All About
This video does contain some very personal topics that I am revealing for the first time in my life.

A Sad Story About Arthur Rosenau's Young Adult Life

Chapter 1 (of unknown number of chapters) About Mark's Early Life and Hobbies

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