Mark Allyn's Memoirs And Conversations About Life

My Memoirs Expressed In The Form Of Videos Taken From The Parks Of Bellingham, Washington
This is a rendering of my latest models of myself and Arthur Rosenau, standing in front of the Bellingham National Bank Building and the American Theatre on Cornwall Avenue in the 1950's.
Mark Allyn and Arthur Rosenau

Transforming Battersby Field To My Dreams Of The Old Days

There is a lot going on here. . . .

I am tring to bring Batersby Field (in front of the Whatcom Middle School, here in Bellingham) back to it's glorious life!

There is a lot going on here. First of all KVOS TV abandoned us. I have created KVOB TV (Voice Of Bellingham) KVOS TV did have a TV van like this one.

There were stands and lights at Battersby Field. Battersby Field was our central stadium until the Civic Field was built. A storm wiped out the stands and both the stands and the lights were removed.

And yes, KVOS did broadcast sports. So, the KVOB TV truck is quite appropriate to be seen st Battersby Field.

The man running was one of Arthur's early friends. Arthur rescued him from street gay hustling and he blossomed as a runner. He name is Jason Thunderhead. The man standing on the top bleacher, clapping at the action, is Clyde Bellingham, our namesake and our mentor.

Arthur and I are on the field, kissing, celebrating dancing on live TV!

The fans are Arthur's and my friends from the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco. This is where I met Arthur for the first time. The Metropolitan Community Church building, left of the Whatoom Middle School, was transported to Bellingham for the wonderful occasion. They returned the favor by paying advertising fees to KVOB Television!

Operating the two KVOB cameras are Frank Kameny in the white shirt and Dwight Eisenhower in the military uniform. Dwight Eisenhower signed executive order 10450, directing the firing of all gay government employees. Frank Kameny was his first victim. He was fired as an astronomer with the US Army. It's nice to bring the two back togeter as KVOB camera operators.

The man dancing on the top railing of the bleachers is Jackie Hormona. He was a very wild dancer during the early New York City Prides and he was one of the very first gay youth to activity fight with the police at the start of the Stonewall Riots.

The man lying down and taking a nap (barely out fo the way of the runner) is Dr. Norman Paul, my childhood psychiatrist. He is resting peacefully after a very challenging tour of making me blossom as a child.

And for gosh sakes, please don't let Jason trip over Dr. Paul!


Battersby Field
Overall view of scene on Battersby Field, looking toward Whatcom Middle School
Battersby Field
Closeup of the two KVOB TV cameras; Eisenhower on the right and Kameny on the left. It appears that they are working well as a team!
Battersby Field
Standing just behind Mark And Arthur; looking directly into the TV cameras and cheered by Mr. Bellingham an a good photo of Jackie Hormona's performance!

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